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Safer Internet Group
The Safer Internet Group (SIG) believes that the debate about cyber safety should be driven by fact, not emotion.

These fact sheets provide important information about the Government's proposed mandatory internet filter.

"Empowering Parents and protecting Children in an Evolving Media Landscape" 24 February, 2010 Palfrey, Grasser and Boyd of Harvard's recent paper contains some great research and clear facts on the issue. They argue that balancing empowerment of parents and young people alongside strategies to protect youth from harm is the most effective – online and offline.

"Untangling the Net: The Scope of Content Caught By Mandatory Internet Filtering" 16 December, 2009 This report by Professors Lumby, Green and Hartley argues that one of the clear risks of focusing disproportionate public policy attention on mandatory filtering is that many parents may gain a false sense of security when it comes to protecting kids from harmful online content.

7 technical reasons mandatory filtering won't deliver real child safety Our peer-reviewed analysis demonstrates that the proposed filter would not deliver the kind of safety for kids online that the Government is looking for. Here are seven technical reasons why:

What other countries do The proposed mandatory filtering regime is changing the way the world views Australia. Yet the international environment also shows us what works and what doesn't in protecting Australian families from harmful online content. Here is how.

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