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Safer Internet Group

For the vast majority of users, the internet offers a valuable, enjoyable and safe experience.

The Safer Internet Group brings together a diverse group of stakeholders who all share the goal of developing the Internet as a platform for education, communication and economic activity. Our group includes Australia's leading sponsors of research, outreach and online safety campaigns – we know the internet well.

Our members include organisations such as the Australian Council of State School Organisations Inc (ACSSO), Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), Google, iiNet, Inspire Foundation, Internet Industry Association (IIA), Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU), Internode, System Administrators Guild of Australia (SAGE-AU) and Yahoo!

We agree that Australia needs to take effective action to ensure that Internet users, and particularly children, have a safe experience online, while ensuring that the benefits of the open Internet are available to all Australians. We intend to work together to develop and deliver the full scope of this Plan with different members focusing on different areas and significant funding support to be provided.

We welcome the current debate about online safety. We believe the best solution is a shared one where the industry, community and government form a partnership. To take the debate forward we propose this 5 Point Plan for a Safer Internet. We intend to work together to develop and deliver the full scope of this Plan. The full implementation of this Plan will be best achieved in co-operation with government and we emphasise our desire to work with government and other stakeholders in that regard.

We believe our way is comprehensive and practical. More importantly, we know it works. It delivers:

1. More Effective Education
Our aim is to help young people and parents understand the opportunities of the online environment and how to minimise risk " We will provide resourcing, material and expertise to deliver education programmes to people across Australia, directly using local libraries as delivery points, and through a range of online resources to reach all Australians

2. Comprehensive Policing of Illegal material on the Internet
We will build on our existing relationships with law enforcement to facilitate mutual and cooperative efforts on training, research and knowledge sharing to ensure that illegal material is targeted as effectively as possible.

3. User Tools that work
Internet companies, including ISPs, provide, and will increase promotion and access to, Tools which allow Internet users to shape their own online experience and avoid unwanted online material

4. A new dialogue about Internet safety
The internet is a dynamic place, effective solutions need to be dynamic. We will promote opportunities that foster the best environment for achieving this, an environment that includes all stakeholders in a partnership – government, online and offline communities and the broader internet industry.

5. Targeted Research of Internet Risks and Opportunities for Young People
We will develop and deliver a research programme to identify and evaluate the risks and opportunities for children in using the Internet

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