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Safer Internet Group
We are launching the Safer Internet Group (SIG) to work with the Government to promote a safer online experience for Australian families.
We have a practical plan for making the internet safer for our kids through comprehensive policing of the Internet, better education of internet users and by the use of tools and technology that really work.

In December 2009, the Federal Government announced the details of a proposed system for mandatory filtering by ISPs of online content. The proposed filter would lock parents and other stakeholders out of the process of keeping harmful content out of our homes.

We want to work with Government to develop common sense ways to help protect Australian families on the internet through:

1. More Effective Education

2. Comprehensive Policing of Illegal Material on the Internet

3. Industry Tools that work

4. Promotion and support of broader participation in ongoing solutions

5. Targeted Research of Internet Risks and Opportunities for Young People



The Safer Internet Group is about creating safer online experiences through better education and by using tools and technology that really work.   We have a comprehensive and more practical plan for making the internet safer for our kids.

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Just the Facts: Lumby Report "Untangling the Net: The Scope of Content Caught By Mandatory Internet Filtering. December 2009 Be e-Smart Follow these easy steps to make your family safer on the Internet. Breaking News

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